Posted: 29/12/2018

    Many Employees are under pressure not to claim

    If you have suffered an accident at work you are entitled to claim against your employer, who should have insurance for that circumstance.  However undoubtedly, in our experience, the Solicitors dealing with personal injury claims, many people are put under pressure from their employer either not to claim at all or, if they have lodged a claim, to withdraw it.

    This is a problem that is particularly common in small firms but not unheard of in larger businesses.  If you have a road traffic accident the guilty party goes their way and you go yours and, unless you see them again in Court, you don’t need to have any more dealings with them.  It is very different when you are working in a place and pursuing a claim against the firm where you still work.

    Employers can make it difficult to claim

    Clients do tell us that employers do make life difficult in some situations when a claim is lodged.  For example some employers have started disciplinary action blaming the client for their own injury.

    If you have had an accident at work and you think your employer is going to be hostile to you claiming then please do feel free to still contact us to discuss the matter and see the best way forward.

    You can claim up to three years after the incident

    Sometimes we are contacted by clients who have had accidents with employers but haven’t pursued a claim but have now left that employment.  Normally there is only 3 years from the date of your accident to pursue a claim so if you are in that situation where you have worked for a difficult employer and have now left,  contact us to discuss the matter further in relation to any injuries you sustained whilst working there.

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