Why Do The Value Of Claims Vary From Place To Place?

Posted: 5/12/2018

    Claim value and Location

    We are Solicitors in Newtownabbey covering the greater Belfast area and indeed all of Northern Ireland for personal injury claims.  Something that might surprise you is that the claim value  for injuries varies from place to place.  This applies through the British Isles.

    If you had a road traffic accident and sustained neck and back injury the amount of compensation that you would get would vary depending on where the accident happened.  Typically your injury claim would be worth significantly more than anywhere else in the British Isles if it happened in the Republic of Ireland.  Historically the figures for compensation in England, Wales and Scotland have been lower than Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland Claims have been generally somewhere in the middle but probably closer to the value of an English claim as opposed to one in the Republic of Ireland.

    Of course if someone drives into the back of you you have no control over where that accident happens.  However if your accident happens in Northern Ireland but the Third Party vehicle is from the Republic you may well be able to claim in the Republic, at full value for that jurisdiction, for your injuries.

    In circumstances where clients come to us with injuries arising out of accidents in the Republic of Ireland we work with southern agents to progress their claim in the Republic’s legal system.  We also do that where clients have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in an accident and it turns out that the third party is from the south.

    No matter what the circumstances are we will always try our best to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries that we can.  Always remember as well that you may have other financial loss including vehicle damage and loss of earnings.

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