It has been reported in the local media, including on the BBC website 16th December 2018, that there has been a big increase in recorded hit and run road traffic collisions.

The number of incidents increased from 361 in 2013 to 449 in 2017.

As Solicitors in Newtownabbey who cover the greater Belfast area and indeed all of Northern Ireland we do frequently come across situations were clients have, through no fault of their own, been involved in accidents and that the other party has left the scene.

What can you do?

So what can you do in these circumstances if the other parties car drives off or indeed the vehicle can’t be driven but their driver runs away?  It is essential that the matter is reported to the police urgently. If the other parties vehicle has been left behind you would be looking for the police to come out to the scene of the accident.  If you contact us we would be able to lodge a claim for your vehicle damage or injury with the Motor Insurer’s Bureau who are an organisation paid for by insured drivers to step into the shoes of people who have no insurance or who have failed to stay at the scene of the accident and are untraced. 

You are not alone

If you have been involved in an accident with an untraced driver it does add insult to injury that not only has this person caused an accident with you but they haven’t had the decency to stay at the scene of the accident and deal with it.  We will do all we possibly can to help you in these circumstances to assist with your vehicle damage claim and with any claim for personal injuries.  We do not forget that behind every car accident statistic, there  is a person, who may well have been suffered great inconvenience, upset, distress and indeed injury as a result of someone else’s driving.

Let us help, contact us today.

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